The Harel Peleg Law Firm is a “boutique” firm, specializing in civil and commercial areas, with emphasis on the drafting and review of agreements and contracts, a creative approach to business transactions and the response to emerging client needs.

Clients can take advantage of the rich experience of the firm’s founder, Adv. Harel Peleg, who has over 15 years of experience and a wide range of achievements, including activities undertaken as the legal advisor and a member of the board at Teva Israel, a local affiliate of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. In these capacities, Adv. Harel acquired significant experience in the management of complex business and commercial negotiations and transactions. His orientation is a wide global perspective in which the legal process and contracts are viewed as means for promoting client interests and not as goals in and of themselves.

Adv. Peleg draws upon the extensive knowledge and experience accrued during his career at a large and leading Israeli pharmaceutical company to assist business clients throughout various stages of the life cycle of their companies and entrepreneurship, from early planning and launching to activity and transactions on an on-going basis. Clients can feel confident in the dependability, professionalism and excellence of the services provided, and above all, the high level and quality of defense for “judgment day”.

The Harel Peleg Law Firm is committed to providing courteous, individualized services of the highest standard, without compromise, in order to continually address changing and emerging client needs. The firm is scrupulous about issues of discretion, privacy and transparency, while at the same time involving the client as a full participant in determining the pace and nature of legal services required.

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